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Paint Swatches

Ready to "Color Perfect" Your Home?

Color is extraordinarily complicated and most times is done wrong which can be very costly and frustrating!

Masterful Interiors follows a certified color expert 6-step color read process that starts with your preferences, assesses your current furnishings and finishes, and then puts the vision altogether.


Each consultation starts with a questionnaire and will be completed with a walk-thru consult, where I pick your entire paint palette (walls, trims, ceilings, etc.)

At the end of the consultation, you will have a thorough plan for each paint color and finish to use along with design guidance you can do later that will enhance the space and new paint!

Painting Wall

Let's Transform your Home into a Masterpiece !

Untitled design.jpg
Paint and Brush

As a Certified Color Expert, CCE, I am professionally trained to assess your home furnishings, finishes, and fixtures. This allows me to confidently recommend the best color choices for your home.


Choosing the correct colors brings out the home's optimal potential for style and design. Color choice is the foundation of bringing finishes together in a cohesive way. When you hire Masterful Interiors, you receive a CCE Color Consultation and a design consult in one!


I recommend a color consult BEFORE any renovation or redesign decisions are made to avoid costly mistakes.

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